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What It Means to Receive Holistic Therapy Treatment

What It Means to Receive Holistic Therapy Treatment
Raul Haro
July 20, 2023
Holistic therapy treatment refers to a group of therapies designed to treat the whole self – treatment that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. It's well-known that the body affects the mind and vice versa. However, holistic therapy treatment addresses the spirit as well. This refers to a person's sense of self and willpower. When […]
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What It Means to Receive Holistic Therapy Treatment

Holistic therapy treatment refers to a group of therapies designed to treat the whole self – treatment that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. It's well-known that the body affects the mind and vice versa. However, holistic therapy treatment addresses the spirit as well. This refers to a person's sense of self and willpower. When someone finds the strength they need to overcome great struggle, this is because of their spirit. 

Holistic therapy treatment is effective because it encourages someone to make healthy choices in their life. This is known as taking a wellness approach. Wellness is making sure your whole self is healing. It doesn't just include yourself as an individual, but improving your environment and social interactions as well. Learning how to do this on your own is difficult, but part of holistic therapy treatment is giving someone the skills they need to do so.

Holistic therapy treatment has become a popular form of treatment as more research is conducted. Some examples of such treatments are adventure therapy, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and neurofeedback therapy. Pathways Wellness Center is proud to take a holistic approach to its treatments and offers several choices our clients can choose from. 

Can I Have Both Conventional and Holistic Therapy Treatments?

Conventional treatments refer to treatments most commonly studied and accepted by the medical community. The two most well-known examples of conventional treatments are psychotherapy and prescribing of psychiatric medication. Some mental health disorders require the use of medication to help some people cope with their symptoms. For example, many people with depression benefit from the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). 

Holistic therapy treatments do not inhibit anyone's ability to receive medication or psychotherapy. They are often used as complementary treatments alongside more conventional treatment methods. It's completely fine to have both holistic and conventional treatments at the same time.

Each individual is different, so it depends on what type of treatment would be most effective. If you would like to try holistic therapy treatments, speak with your treatment provider. You may be surprised to learn that you may already be mixing treatment types. For example, art therapy uses both conventional (psychotherapy) and holistic (focusing on the mind/body/spirit connection) approaches to help someone communicate and heal. 

What Can I Expect With Holistic Therapy Treatment?

Holistic therapy treatment begins like any other treatment, with an evaluation. Here, a mental health care professional will ask you questions about your problems, yourself, and your goals. It's an opportunity as well to voice your preferences on what types of treatments you'd like to receive. Remember that nobody can force you into treatment. You may be encouraged to give something a try to see if it works, but you will never be made to do something against your will. 

After the evaluation is finished, an individual treatment plan will be made. This plan outlines your goals and the possible steps you will need to take to get there. 

Holistic therapy treatment, as mentioned, involves all aspects of the self. How treatments affect them can be broken down as follows:

Body: This is your physical body and its health. Treatments will often focus on healthy eating and exercise. Techniques can be learned to help your body relax and rest properly. For those struggling with addiction, holistic treatments focus on helping someone reduce their chemical dependency on a substance through supervised detox. Some facilities even use acupuncture as part of the detox process. 

Mind: Your mind includes your mental health and your thought processes. Holistic treatments focus on teaching someone mindfulness techniques. For example, meditation might be taught to a client to help them become less anxious or reflect on their choices. A client also can expect to learn how to regulate harmful thinking and create healthy coping skills.

Spirit: This is your feelings and your will. Holistic therapy treatment works to build up someone's will and confidence to give them the power they need to recover. It means learning how to love yourself and understand that you are worthy of life, happiness, and compassion. Holistic therapies like adventure therapy are often used to uplift the spirit and build a healthy sense of self.

What to Do When You Need Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and its co-occurring mental health disorders, it's time to reach out for help. Places like Pathways Wellness Center offer both email and phone options to make getting in touch easy. It's understandable to be nervous, as this is a big step, but you can expect the mental health care professionals employed to be kind and understanding. If they don't offer the treatments you are looking for, they are happy to help you find somewhere that does.

Everyone is worthy of compassionate and quality care, no matter who they are. So don't wait to get the help you or a loved one needs to recover. Reach out today and take your first step in your recovery journey. 

Contrary to popular belief, mental health treatment is full of choices. Clients have a wealth of different therapies and treatments available to help them recover from addiction and its co-occurring mental health disorders. One such treatment is known as holistic therapy treatment. This type of treatment treats the mind, body, and spirit. Here at Pathways Wellness Center in Glendora, California, we know that treating the whole of a person is the key to recovery. Our clients have a range of holistic treatment options designed to not only help them recover but also learn how to be healthier, happier people. If you or a loved one requires help, reach out to us today at (888) 771-0966

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Raul Haro
Raul Haro is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with sixteen years of experience working in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. As an LMFT, He has trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR. Raul has furthered his training in the drug and alcohol field by obtaining a Masters in Drug and Alcohol Counseling through CCAPP. Raul has a background in nursing where he has been an LVN for over 25 years. Recently, he has returned to school to complete a degree in Registered Nursing. Future plans are for Raul are to eventually complete a degree as a Nurse Practitioner combining his therapy practice with his nursing skills.

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