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Sober Activities for Recovery in Glendora

Sober Activities for Recovery in Glendora
Raul Haro
August 8, 2023
Did you know that there are plenty of sober activities one can enjoy in Glendora, California? It's true! Part of treatment at Pathways Wellness Center is understanding that you can enjoy life while being sober. It doesn't make you a boring person; it makes you healthy and strong. A major part of addiction treatment is […]
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Sober Activities for Recovery in Glendora

Did you know that there are plenty of sober activities one can enjoy in Glendora, California? It's true! Part of treatment at Pathways Wellness Center is understanding that you can enjoy life while being sober. It doesn't make you a boring person; it makes you healthy and strong.

A major part of addiction treatment is relapse prevention. It helps clients recognize potentially dangerous situations that could trigger a relapse and learn how to avoid and navigate these situations. It can be difficult, especially when society glorifies the use of alcohol and other substances. Many people simply don't know how to have fun unless a substance or drug is involved and often default to places rife with them. Bars, clubs, and other places are not necessarily places someone in recovery should be, and it can make socializing difficult for those who don't know where to go.

Thankfully, the peer network and support program at Pathways Wellness Center helps clients by having them spend time with fellow peers in recovery. These peers often have hobbies that make for fun sober activities. It's common to invite clients along to try them out. Part of the reason why Pathways Wellness Center is located in Glendora is because of the wide variety of sober activities available for clients to explore. There is adventure and fun to suit anyone's needs, all of which can encourage someone to stay in recovery. 

Enjoying Sober Activities in Nature

Glendora is a beautiful area full of natural wonders to be discovered. Adventure therapy takes place in nature and gives clients a taste of what sober activities are available in the area. There are a lot of activities that focus on the outdoors, and it would be hard not to find a group or club that takes advantage of them. A few examples include hiking, rock climbing, camping, and kayaking. 

Clients may also make use of other outdoor activities that are both sober and fun. Several equestrian centers offer horseback riding lessons around Glendora. There are plenty of places to go fishing where one can just enjoy the calm atmosphere. Others may get into wildlife watching or photography. Many of these sober activities are regularly used as part of outings for support networks and groups. Using the healing power of nature, it helps put life into perspective. Many clients then learn that life is more than their addiction and that they can achieve anything if they put their whole selves into it. 

Other Fun Sober Activities Around Glendora

Glendora is far from a boring place for those who are sober. Several unusual sober activities exist that one might not even consider. There is paintball, escape rooms, and laser tag for those who enjoy the thrill of competition. Bowling, arcades, and trading card tournaments tickle the fancy of those who may prefer to remain indoors. Glendora is full of substance-free activity centers, museums, art galleries, and theaters for those who may be more introverted. It's possible to enjoy these activities alone or as part of a group.

Remember to do your research before going to places that may have potential triggers. Some places may have bars attached to them or serve alcohol. Most places have a website that will tell you if they serve alcohol or not. Some activities, like fairs, may serve alcohol as well. However, alcohol is strictly monitored and usually requires an armband or stamp to permit entry into drinking areas. It makes it easy to avoid these areas and still enjoy the sober activities at the fair or event. 

Many places are substance-free and don't permit substances on the premises. If you are worried about going somewhere alone, bring a friend who will support you. Remember that if you encounter a triggering situation, you are more than free to leave. 

Hobbies, Clubs, and Other Social Activities

Perpahs one of the most important aspects of engaging in sober activities is the companionship it can bring. Having a support network of people who understand and care for you is vital to recovery. It makes it so that in times when you may be tempted to use again, you have shoulders you can lean on who will encourage and support you. A support network can be made up of those who share the same interests and hobbies as you do.

Finding clubs and hobby groups that are sober is easy with the internet, though clubs can be found in other places. Pathways Wellness Center has a peer support network that has connections to clubs that engage in sober activities. It's not difficult for a client to be paired up with like-minded people if they inquire about clubs.

You may be surprised at how many clubs exist for hobbies like knitting, baking, and gardening. There are clubs for those who like to take apart cars and put them back together. Others may like to engage in model building and painting. You would be hard-pressed not to find a group that plays tabletop games together. All of these are sober activities and engaging for both the mind and the spirit.

So don't feel like you cannot have fun because you are now sober. There are plenty of fulfilling and exciting sober activities that exist locally for anyone to enjoy. You don't have to use substances to have fun. So take the time to go out and discover what brings you joy.

Being sober doesn't mean living a boring life. There are plenty of exciting things to do and see without the use of a substance to enjoy them. Once someone has recovered from addiction, it opens their eyes to the hidden gems in life, all waiting to be discovered. Here at Pathways Wellness Center in Glendora, California, we use the community around us to promote sober living. Our peer support networks and mentorship programs are all about finding joy in recovery and sober living. Rock climbing, sports, movies, horseback riding, and other exciting local programs await those ready to live in sobriety. If you or someone you love wants to learn more about sober living, call us today at (888) 771-0966.

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Raul Haro
Raul Haro is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with sixteen years of experience working in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. As an LMFT, He has trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR. Raul has furthered his training in the drug and alcohol field by obtaining a Masters in Drug and Alcohol Counseling through CCAPP. Raul has a background in nursing where he has been an LVN for over 25 years. Recently, he has returned to school to complete a degree in Registered Nursing. Future plans are for Raul are to eventually complete a degree as a Nurse Practitioner combining his therapy practice with his nursing skills.

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